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19th July 2014

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Who can you trust? Who is the killer?

Maybe it’s you.

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17th July 2014


There are a lot of scenes involving licking toilets and eating feces in Stardust Crusaders

Araki. Is there something you’d like to share with the class.

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16th July 2014

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Tonight’s mix, S-RANK BAD ENDING

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16th July 2014


I’ve got a DJ set tonight on Dead City Radio, from 10pm GMT. Please tune in!

I’ve got a DJ set tonight on Dead City Radio, from 10pm GMT. Please tune in!

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12th July 2014

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So we watched the first episode of DRAMAtical Murder Last Night

What the fuck was that? What just happened?

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9th July 2014

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Tips on Making Graphics for Sidescrollers in Ace Lite


This article is a companion to “Designing Art for Videogames”. It is mainly for RMVX Ace Lite users who wish to make sidescrolling game graphics from scratch, and talks about the technical issues of creating and inputting those graphics.

The Technical Stuff

If you’ve started making a game in Ace Lite, you’ve realized pretty quickly that your options are limited. You can’t use the Fixed Parallax or Image scripts (in fact, you can’t use any scripts at all), so if you want to use custom graphics you have two choices: design your own tilesets or insert your map images as character sprites.

In this article, I’ll explain how to do the latter. The great thing about RMVX is that your character sprites can huge (though it crashed when I tried to put a 9000px long image in) so each ‘character graphic’ can, in fact, be your map image. All you need to do is create an event on the map and choose your map as the event’s graphic. Simple, right?


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8th July 2014


This Week’s Animal Watch

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7th July 2014

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Mica: Apoptosis open for voice auditions! →



The game will not have every line fully voiced, but there will be voice clips throughout the game for each important character as well as several important scenes that are voiced. Thus, we need you! 8D

Due to certain character spoilers, I cannot put here an entire list…

I’m interested in taking part. Hit me up!

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7th July 2014

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We go forward.

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5th July 2014


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